Diagnostic Labs

We have partnered with the nationwide laboratory, Quest Diagnostics, to provide accurate lab testing and results.

Certified HRT Physicians

Our Board Certified HRT doctors use HRT Wellness Features to give convenient and more affordable access to quality care.

Custom Treatment Plans

Our treatment plans focus on what your body naturally produces to allow you to obtain the best possible results.

Continued Patient Care

Our Patient Care team will provide in depth assistance as you begin and progress through your treatment plan.

Advantages for Men

Andropuase Issues in Men
Balancing Testosterone Can Help
  • Increase Muscle Mass
  • Strengthen Erections
  • Improve Energy
  • Lower Body Fat
  • Sharpen Focus
  • Improve Sleep
Typical Male Treatments
  • Achieve Optimal Testosterone
  • Provide Endocrine Stimulants
  • Add Estrogen Blockers

Advantages for Women

Menopause Issues in Women
Balancing Hormones Can Help
  • Decrease Belly Fat
  • Enhance Skin Tone
  • Heighten Libido
  • Elevate Mood
  • Increase Bone Density
  • Improve Sleep
Typical Female Treatments
  • Balance Estrogen Levels
  • Adjust Progesterone
  • Add Testosterone

How Does the HRT Wellness Program Work?


HRT Wellness Features

What is the right balance for me? Enroll in HRT Wellness today and we will set you up for immediate testing and review by our experienced HRT physicians. Starting with a blood test included with your assessment, our HRT physicians will review your results and consult with you at your convenience to discover your current hormone levels and assess the symptoms caused by any imbalances. Depending on the results of your consultation, the HRT Wellness physician may prescribe a combination of testosterone therapy or hormone replacement therapy treatment plans to help you achieve your natural hormone balance and feel your best . . . better than you remember feeling in years.

You can improve the quality of your life.

Despite hard work and determination, hormone imbalance can pose a significant health challenge. HRT Wellness is an easier, cost efficient and more private way to improve the quality of your life through hormone replacement therapy.